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emv10@psu.edu - Penn State - State College  PA

Ytay Project
Urban Design Proposal for Asuncion Metropolitan Area 
Elena Vazquez
The project was conducted in two scales, understanding the complexity of an area where natural elements such as the Itay stream, the Ypoa wetlands and the Paraguay river, and infrastructure pieces as the existing airport and riverside highway project have a significance roll on articulating the territory. The goal was to generate healthier urbanizations, respecting natural systems and connecting existing infrastructure to gain a sustainable use of the territory. 
On the macro scale the principles where: reorganizing the urban towards the Ytay river, proposing the construction of a new infrastructure piece that connects the existing Asuncion airport and the Paraguay river to gain direct access to downtown and fluvial connections, and identifying a natural reserve area, the Ypoa wetlands as the border of the area.
The micro scale consisted in the proposal of reorganizing the urban area that exists now at the other side of the river, facing the airport. This medium density multifunction area is a piece that serves the airport with accommodation and others, and has a station that connects you to the riverside highway.