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emv10@psu.edu - Penn State - State College  PA

Bamboo Reciprocal Frame
Design Research - BA Thesis
In a country like Paraguay, where floods and natural disasters are in the agenda, developing an emergency shelter became the main goal of this research. The technology to be used was a reciprocal frame structure made out of bamboo beans. The reciprocal beams would allow a fast construction, the system did not require sophisticated tools, and the shelter itself would be reusable and have easy transportation. Bamboo was used because of the fact that it is light, of fast grow, and easy to obtain, working with an associate bamboo research center (Takuara Rendá). In the exploratory phase of the research case studies were analyzed. This allowed establishing the pros and cons of the construction system. Then, came the design and modeling of two prototypes: The “emergency shadow” and the “Basic shelter” prototypes. The conclusion was that reciprocal structures made out of bamboo are viable as a roofing alternative, due to its numerous advantages: The quick assembly of structures, portability, diverse use of the spaces generated, the low cost of bamboo and having low environmental impact.