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emv10@psu.edu - Penn State - State College  PA

Robotic Pin-Mold Fabrication
Elena Vazquez. Advisor: Marcus Schaffer
Work published in: ECAADE 2018 
Vazquez, Elena, and Marcus Shaffer. 2018. “Bring in the Noise - A Robotic-Aided Framework for the Indirect Shape Translation and Molding of Inexact Geometries.” In Computing for a Better Tomorrow - Proceedings of the 36th ECAADe Conference, edited by A Kepczynska-Walczak and S Bialkowski, 827–34. Lodz, Poland.
This project presents the design and testing of a framework for the fabrication of complex-shaped blocks using a variable pin-type tool. The reconfigurable tool, compose by a matrix of pins, is used as a base for casting unique and complex three-dimensional forms in concrete and plaster. A six-axis industrial robot was used to automatically reconfigure the flexible tool according to the desired shape. The aim of this research is two-fold: First, to design and test a fabrication workflow, and second, to reflect on the playful dialogue between the digital environment that supports the design process and the physical material output.