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Parabrick Workship
May 2017 - Universidad Nacional de Asuncion
Instructors: Benay Gursoy, Elena Vazquez, Julio Diarte
Published in: CAADRIA 2018 
Vazquez, Elena, Benay Gursoy and Julio Diarte and Elena Vazquez. “Bridging Parametric Design and Craftsmanship: Materializing the digital parametric brick wall with low-tech masonry construction techniques”. 2017
Parabrick was a 5 day intense workshop to design and construct a parametric brick wall. In the workshop, the students learnt to generate parametric models, to utilize rapid prototyping tools and to combine digital fabrication strategies with traditional construction methods. We also worked on a materialization strategy to build the parametric brick constructions in full-scale using actual bricks and mortar. Visit the website: