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emv10@psu.edu - Penn State - State College  PA

Villa Morra House
Detail design and construction supervision:
Julio Diarte, Elena Vazquez
This project had very specific conditions that made it a fabulous challenge. First, it had to fit a very tight budget. Second, it had to have everything a newly married couple would need to live there. And at last, it had to fit on a 5,5x5 m space. The result is a loft that has an integrated living room, studio and kitchen, a small bathroom and a mezzanine that holds the bedroom. The materials used in the construction where mostly recycled, for example the wooden floor was part of the roof structure of the house that previously stood in the same place. Metal and wood give both structure and texture to the house. Nevertheless, glass is also an important feature, and the building has a horizontal line of windows that provide natural light to the house. This 45 square meters loft definitely is the minimal house for a family of two.