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emv10@psu.edu - Penn State - State College  PA

Colegio del Sol
Detail design and construction supervision:
Julio Diarte, Elena Vazquez
This project consisted in the reburbishment of the kinder area of “Colegio del Sol” school in Asunción, Paraguay. The goal was to reformulate the space according the concepts of the “Reggio Emilia” School. Criteria such as natural light, shade, climate conditioning, colors, desired views, perspectives, textures of materials, scale and size of spaces and objects, game integration to architectural objects and the safety of children, influenced in the design of the project. There are three main areas that where reformed: the courtyard, the ground floor and first floor. The courtyard had to reformulate the access to the building from the street and we proposed a series of roofs that provided shadows and protection. In the groundfloor we increased the space of the classrooms creating a big atelier braking the traditional concept of clasrooms. In the firs floor clasrooms we created a mezzanine to gain space and transform the clasroom into more of a playroom. The best part of this experience of designing architecture for education happened on the first day of school, when teachers, parents and children toured the new spaces and began to play, bringing it to life.